HCU receives $2.5 million gift from John M. O'Quinn Foundation to establish an Endowed Chair in Counseling

Houston, Texas, Nov. 1, 2023聽鈥撀燡IZZ视频 (HCU) announced that The聽聽has made a commitment of $2.5 million to endow a Chair in counseling at the university.聽The announcement was celebrated with the dedication of a plaque in the Brown Administrative Building at a ceremony open to the HCU community followed by a luncheon hosted by HCU President, Dr. Robert B. Sloan and wife, Sue.

The gift, the largest from The Foundation to date 鈥渨ill allow many students to be well trained, positively impacting the lives of many in the community and across the globe,鈥 read the plaque鈥檚 inscription.

鈥淲e believe that our counseling area is highly capable and truly prepared to tap into the deep roots of the broken and restless hearts all around us, and it’s The O鈥橯uinn Foundation鈥檚 generous gift that is enabling us not only to speak to these needs individually but to provide opportunities for healing and restoration – the restoration of persons, families and ultimately culture,鈥 said HCU President Robert Sloan.

A Texas trial lawyer and founding partner of The O鈥橯uinn Law Firm, John M. O鈥橯uinn dedicated his life to advocating for the needs of the underprivileged. He created The John M. O鈥橯uinn Foundation in 1986 to fund charitable organizations with a focus on conservation, education, health, and programs benefiting underprivileged youth in Houston.

The John M. O鈥橯uinn Foundation President Rob C. Wilson III described O鈥橯uinn鈥檚 passion for supporting institutions that address the mental health needs of the community.

鈥淢r. O鈥橯uinn was a big supporter and advocate for mental health care in Houston, as he was directly impacted by it during his lifetime.聽We honor his legacy with this endowed Chair, knowing it will be a valued resource for hope and healing for many in the community,鈥 said Wilson.

Dr. Michael Cook, Director of HCU鈥檚 Student Counseling Center, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to The Foundation for their gift, the faculty members and students it will enable the University to train, and the countless lives it will allow them to impact in the future.

The commemorative plaque, bearing O鈥橯uinn鈥檚 image, hangs on a dedicated endowed chair donor wall in honor of The John M. O鈥橯uinn Foundation鈥檚 generosity to the university.

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About The John M. O’Quinn Foundation

John M. O’Quinn (1941-2009) established聽聽(the “Foundation”) in 1986. With his death in 2009, Mr. O’Quinn willed his entire estate to the Foundation. As of December 31, 2022, the Foundation has awarded more than $156 million in grants.聽聽Most of the funds have been given within the state of Texas with a special emphasis on Houston, Mr. O’Quinn’s home since his youth. Although the Foundation supports a wide variety of charitable activities, in honoring Mr. O’Quinn’s legacy, the Board of Trustees focuses on Houston and its surrounding areas for conservation, education, health, and programs benefitting underprivileged youth.

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